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Progress for Gender Equality in the Tech Industry? The Percentage of Female Software Engineers in 2022
Progress for Gender Equality in the Tech Industry? The Percentage of Female Software Engineers in 2022

Discover the percentage of female software engineers in the U.S, their career trajectories, and how big tech stacks up in gender inclusion efforts.


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How To Find Diverse Tech Candidates: 6 Recruiting Strategies That Work

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Creating An Exceptional Candidate Experience For Tech Recruiting Success: Best Practices and Pro Tips

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How We Hired A Key Sales Member With Our AI-powered Virtual Recruiter  |  Employee Spotlight: Giovanni Ibarra

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How AI Can Help Drive Diversity In Your Recruitment Process

Developing a diverse team has a real impact on the bottom line. Read three ways...

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How many software engineers are in Silicon Valley and who are they?

Five facts about the software engineer landscape in the Silicon Valley, including...

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