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Progress for Gender Equality in the Tech Industry? The Percentage of Female Software Engineers in 2022
Progress for Gender Equality in the Tech Industry? The Percentage of Female Software Engineers in 2022

Discover the percentage of female software engineers in the U.S, their career trajectories, and how big tech stacks up in gender inclusion efforts.



How to source candidates on Stack Overflow in 2022

A step-by-step guide for how to source candidates on Stack Overflow in 2022. Learn how to...


Sourcing on Github: A 2022 Guide For Finding Top Software Engineering Talent

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How to Find and Hire Full Stack Developers: A Guide to Full-Stack Recruiting

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Recruiting challenges 2022: How can companies close out the next six months strong?

With rapid inflation and economic uncertainty looming, there are plenty of recruiting...


AI Recruiting Vs. Staffing Agencies

Are staffing firms bad? We'll take a look at some of the reasons recruiting agencies are...

Recruiting, AI

Automate your candidate sourcing in 2022 with these 7 solutions

Want to know how sourcing automation can supercharge your recruiting efforts in 2022? Try...


Active Vs Passive Recruitment Strategies For A Talent Shortage

Check out the best active vs passive recruitment strategies to implement during a talent...


Hyper-personalized candidate outreach for recruiting at scale

How do you stand out to passive candidates when they receive dozens of emails from...


9 Best AI sourcing tools for finding qualified candidates in 2022

Looking to reduce the time you spend sourcing? Check out the best AI sourcing tools for...


11 Technical Recruiting Tips To Upskill Your Non-Tech Recruiting Team

Take these 11 technical recruiting tips to help teach your recruiting team how to hire...

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