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recruiters replaced by ai
Tech Recruiting Times: How can recruiters utilize automation rather than be replaced by it?

Glenn Gutmacher, Talent Sourcing Training Mgr. at NVIDIA, recommends you focus initially on solutions that provide fast ROI.


Diversity, AI

How is artificial intelligence changing the recruiting process?

Artificial intelligence is changing the recruiting process by eliminating recruiters'...

Diversity, Report

Progress for Gender Equality in the Tech Industry? The Percentage of Female Software Engineers in 2022

Discover the percentage of female software engineers in the U.S, their career...


Women, Tech, and Remote Work: 5 Facts On Gender Diversity

Understanding gender diversity in tech is critical. Whether you're hiring or looking for...

Diversity, Recruiting

How To Find Diverse Tech Candidates: 6 Recruiting Strategies That Work

Incorporating diversity into your tech hiring is more important than ever. We've got six...

Diversity, Recruiting

How AI Can Help Drive Diversity In Your Recruitment Process

Developing a diverse team has a real impact on the bottom line. Read three ways...

Diversity, Recruiting, AI

Removing Bias in AI Sourcing

Though bias-free technology may not be perfected yet, modern AI sourcing platforms are...

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