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How many software engineers are in Silicon Valley and who are they?

Five facts about the software engineer landscape in the Silicon Valley, including information on average tenures, years of experience, education, and more



Hiring For A Startup - Five Tips For Busy, Talent-hungry Founders

Five hiring tips for startup founders looking to recruit top talent.


How to Nail that Remote Interview

Looking to prepare for your next interview -- virtually? Here are some tips to help you...

Company Culture, Remote Work

How to keep your team engaged in a remote work environment

Ways to promote engagement in a remote work environment to ensure your team's...


How to think about job hunting during a pandemic

Things to keep in mind for anyone navigating through the current job market and looking...

Employee Retention

The Benefits of Flexible Work Hours

With the advent of new technology, offering flexible hours to your employees can help...


Hiring Remotely — Ensuring a Positive Candidate Experience

Three ways to ensure your candidates have a great experience while hiring remotely.

Recruiting, Career

Optimizing Job Descriptions

In search of the best candidates for that next open position? Here are some ways to...

Recruiting, AI

How AI Will Land You Your Next Job

Three reasons to use AI-backed technologies in your job search.


How’s Personal Career Agent can help you in this time of crisis

Though the hiring process can be a source of anxiety or fear, especially in times like...

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